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Every time I meet new people I learn. I see that our attitudes, our lifestyle choices vary. That is why I believe we all have different stories to tell and each and every one of us should be treated in a different way. Each of my four children is completely different. While following them with my camera, I learned that in order to have a final effect- that is a photograph- I have to approach differently. One of my kids is always somewhere climbing. He is the one you have to be quick with! Another one is so self-contained, that photos that really tell her story, are those, where she is really in her world, enjoying her own company. Some children are better to photograph while playing, some prefer to wait for some direction- although I don’t like to tell my families what they should do. We all have a different story to tell!

My job is to observe, be patient, look, and take some true photos of YOUR UNIQUE FAMILY.

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Capture the essence of your family!

We tend to think that our everyday is not so interesting. This is wrong assumption! All the tiny bits, details, almost unnoticeable emotions… these all create our own, individual reality a photographer can capture.

With our smartphones we tend to take so many photos! Yes, I have the same! It’s the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to capture a memory of a moment. But it’s lacking as well. There are no parents in these photographs! You are missing one thing! A lifestyle photographer!

Let the children play, let yourself relax, don’t worry about how everything around you looks. Let me do the trick.

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