Lifestyle In-Home Session

Lifestyle In-Home Session

In HOME day in life session

We sometimes think that our life just goes by, and it’s nothing special as days fly so quickly. I often catch myself on thinking that way. But every Family has it’s own pace, flow, and those tiny moments of happiness and laughter, the kid’s smile, a light that makes us blink our eyes and feel the last rays of sun on our face, the taste of home-made cake. In-home lifestyle session aims to keep that for us for the future.

There is really no need to dress up or prepare for the day. You need to relax and remember that what you will get will truly but also beautifully show REAL you and “THE EVERYDAY” that we seem to forget how beautiful it is.

Do you ever catch yourself on stopping in the moment and taking it in? We usually rush, we have so many things to do and to go to. But there are sometimes seconds or minutes that we stop and look, and try to focus on the beauty of the moment. When your baby falls asleep or finds you a flower in the park, or when the tea tastes just perfectly in THAT perfect moment, or when the sun comes from the outside painting patterns on your walls, floor, in your child’s hair. You know… It can stay with you in a photograph!

Not long ago, I had a privilege to capture real, everyday and thus truly beautiful moments in my Friend’s home. There is so much energy, so many ideas to spend the day together, and so much going on in their Family!

My aim is to take such photos, which after years and years, will evoke those meaningful family memories.

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