Your in-home session

Your in-home session

Lifestyle session in your place!

As a family photographer that is passionate about photographing families in their homes, I get quite a lot of questions about how to prepare your home for a lifestyle session.

Are they big enough, nice enough, clean enough?

My question is, whether you prefer to have your precious family memories captured in a completely different place? Maybe a rented flat?

Let me answer that for you!


When in twenty years time your baby will open the family album, she will see her dolls and blankie, and he will see his favourite dinosaur and legos all over the floor. Or maybe they will remind themselves about this amazing toy-train they loved, or play kitchen or a handprint on a window or mirror! Or maybe even an amazing “painting” on the wall you were so angry about those 20 years ago! Do you see what I mean?

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Oh my, I can’t even express how much such memories mean to me! Home dynamics make it your own. Keep it, cherish it, save it!

So now… what to do with your house?

Imagine that your good and well known friend comes to visit. Prepare your home as if you were to invite her, because then you won’t have to worry about details, and your house will feel alive and comfy. And in the album after the session you will see it as “yours”.

I love storyteller in home sessions, and I know you will love them too!


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