Christmas time photo ideas

Christmas time photo ideas

My Christmas photo ideas

Christmas time is special. We want to feel special.

Our house looks nice, cosy and sparkly. I always look forward to this time of year when Christmas is so close. The photos I try to create show how we spend that time. It can easily be applied to your family, and to show how unique your Christmas time is.

The photos you can create do not need to be all sparkly. You don’t have to wear matching Jumpers. All you have to do is to look around for those special moments!

The photos of the season!

This photo is used with a speedlight. It is placed behind the tree on the right. I’ve done that to illuminate the star and the boys face. This year I will try and do it again!! This time I will lower the power of the speedlight to make tree lights appear more sparkly!

christmas session


This is a moment I did not have to direct or pose. It’s simply a slow paced morning around Christmas time and it shows not only a tree but how nice and relaxed this time is.

christmas session


NUTS! Yes, it’s a tradition. I don’t know if it shows, but they are not using nut crackers because our just broke. Instead, dad brought little “thingys” from the garage 😉 When I see the light and natural colours I always take out my camera!

christmas ideas

Raspberry tea in their pyjamas! Nice evening light that filled the room and it stopped me, because this moment evokes memories when after a busy day, we try to relax. Kids take their time drinking with spoons 😉

There is not much snow here in the UK. But when it happens, capturing such moments is not difficult. Kids are so natural and they simply fall in love with snow! Look how dark background helped me to show the flakes! It’s our garden fence 🙂

winter session

Every town and every city is so beautiful during Christmas! Again I used a speedlight to fill the light on his face, but usually, a light that is coming from shop windows can illuminate your model, while the rest of the scene is dark with christmas lights sparkles!

photo session

Low light situation requires higher ISO. This one is high. That is why you can see a lot of grain. To me it’s fine. I like grain. The lights that illuminate his face are just Christmas lights! I like this photo a lot. It’s a simple storyteller type photo. 

photo idea


This photo was created while baking gingerbread cookies! I find them especially challenging because I have to help baking and keep taking photos! These small lights on the left is just Sequin Christmas tree that is really close to the lens!   

christmas session

Last but not least- magic Christmas book photo. As you can see probably, there is quite a lot of photoshop added magic sparkles, but the basic photo I created by putting a tablet inside this book to light the face. When you then expose to the bright face (adjust how light or dark the photo is), the rest of the scene remains dark. And the lights come out beautifully! 

christmas session

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