Storyteller in your home

Storyteller in your home

Storyteller’s Storytelling

Another wonderful Family. G&G thank you for a nice day and the possibility to photograph your together moments!!!

A day with twin almost-for year olds can be really busy. They have shown me many activities they are good at. But what is more important, now, the family, has their own set of memorable photographs to keep.

Sometimes I wish my kids had such a session when they were smaller. Now our youngest is almost seven! still cute, I know, but I sincerely MISS the photos I have never taken THEN. My heart cries!

But guess what!? Soon… I am going to have a photographer visit our home and taking real-life photos of us! Oh, I can’t wait, I am so excited! I will defo order an album with that!

But for now- click on an image to view a gallery in full size! 

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