Outdoor light

Outdoor light

Outdoor Light is what I learned from.

I am always looking around for that outdoor light, watch it’s direction, quality. I learned to see how it lands on people and objects, how it shapes the world, how it affects colours and mood. I like golden hour because of the quality of light I have then. But I also admire overcast sky, or grasp harsh noon light to enhance energy, shape, emotions!

I love backlight, the one that you can see around hair, it illuminates contours, and adds magic and bokeh.

Equally, sidelight, for it’s depth, and juicyness.

In those outdoor portraits, it is the light that creates the mood. Look how it sits on flowers! That’s why I love incorporating flowers, leaves, dandelions and grass in my portraits. Anything and everything might look awesome when you try just try.

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I hope you liked this set of images. Guess what. Autumn brings not only showers (which by the way caused my runny nose), but light! Warm, gentle light. Look for it and you will find it!

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