Hanging around session

Hanging around session

Natural sessions- my hanging around sessions

Why am I taking photos in the first place?

When I first took my camera and started taking photos of my own family few years ago, I just wanted them to look nice. I started looking for the most amazing locations, gadgets that will make my photos interesting and beautiful. I always thought I wasn’t doing enough. My first thought: I need to learn to make photos look attractive to the eye. And it was fine. All my efforts led me to learn or the technicalities of this big camera. Let mi find what I visually like. But still something was lacking!

After some time I looked through my already huge gallery. And the photos that melted my heart were not those staged, pretty ones. I discovered that what spoke to my heart were photos showing how we as a family were. How these moments felt, what made us a unique family. Perfect with all those imperfections.

I dived deeper.

I found that what makes a good photo for me, is a moment I want to remember, and places I love, and relations that mean a lot to me.

The best galleries of my family are those that were made in a slow pace, in relaxed settings, taking time to observe and feel. Sessions during which I could just hang out with my models, families I could follow during their day. Getting to know people I take photographs of is important to me. So a “hanging around session” is what I like to call it! I hang out and have a walk, or have a cuppa while my camera is always there to get those tiny moments registered, in a beautiful way.

So why am I taking photos? Simply because I believe nothing is better than a real life and real feel in those galleries that will stay with us for years and years so that we and our children can learn from them how close we really were, what we liked, where we hung around 🙂

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