Documentary Family Photography

Why documentary family photography?

Family photography has always been my thing. At first I wanted to try everything. I collected nice props I could take for a session, hats, jackets. I was scouting for amazing locations, worrying that there are not enough stunningly pretty meadows and fields near me. That the London

weather is gloomy and uncertain. But I kept shooting.

It was quite a revelation to discover, what impact authenticity in photography made on me! I slowly began to realise, that photos that meant a world to me, were not those where I put my kids in uncomfortable clothes, hats and gave them flowers to hold just because it’s my brilliant idea 😉

I was amazed how many emotions TRUE and AUTHENTIC behaviour leaves in a photo!

So lockdown and isolation helped me realise, when I had only my family to photograph, and also time, time and time, that actually taking the time given, being patient, help me get the shots that I love.

I now wonder and dread whether that would be possible when finally schools, work go back to normal. The precious asset of time can be limited again.

Either in my life, or in my shots I would  really want to embed more time and attention, to be more present here and now. Giving myself, my family and future clients this space and time. I need this shift. And now seems the prefect time.

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