Day in Life in London – Documentary Family Photography

Documentary family photography in London

I feel i wholehartedly need to make a more photojournalistic and documentary family photography more visible on my site!


I believe, documenting your normal life has a special value, and I mean it, and I feel it while looking back at my family photos, my clients’ and my friends’ albums. We have had months of a slower routine, and if you, just like me, feel that in normal pace of life, we just lose the essence, and we don’t have time to appreciate little things, here is the solution for you.

Who is that project for?

I am looking for a family of minimum four, living in London (SW preferably), who like to spend time together at home and around. Who like to talk, play, cook together. Who above all, love being themselves, and encourage children to be themselves, and as a result will receive photos they will cherish forever.

A family, who is happy to let me in their home for a couple of hours- around four hours would be perfect but could be longer, and should include one of the following:

a morning routine, or an evening routine (bedtime). These rules are to ensure, you get the most natural and emotive pictures we could get in half a day.

Are you interested and need more details?

What does that mean? What do you need to do?
I will visit you in your home, with a camera, with an aim to photograph your normal day. You will need to invest at least 6 hours of your time that day. Either from early morning, or afternoon up until bedtime! You will get a complimentary digital gallery of about 20 personal and true photos from that day, chosen and edited by me. No posing or dressing up!!!
– Family with 3+ children aged 2 and up (some exceptions possible)
– Located in London UK or Surrey
– photos will be used in my project and in my portfolio.
– i require a deposit of Ł80  to book your day. It’s refundable after the session takes place, or you can use it towards a photo album if you wish to have it.
After we book a date, you can reschedule once.
I have 4 slots available for this autumn only! 

Because this project is to promote documentary family photography, by joining me, you agree for your photos to be published on my media.

Don’t hesitate to contact me! I respond on facebook and instagram daily 🙂 and I am open to answer any questions you may have!

Join me! I can’t wait!



Want to know more about what photos you will get?

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Talk to you soon!


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