Portrait 2020

Portrait 2020

One of my Portraits reached first place in 2020!

My adventure with photography have started five or six years ago. Although I tried it earlier than that, it was only then, when I started to dive in into the subject seriously.

Firstly into technicalities, which I thought would do the work and my photographs will then be awesome! Naive me!

But it opened a whole new world for me. A world of getting to know myself, and people around me and all those genres of photography, that show the world around us and in our souls in so many ways.

Today, I can celebrate!

1st Place Portrait 2020 of Polska Akademia Fotografii na Wyspach

 Portret 2020 Polska Akademia Fotografii na wyspach


See more portraits here: https://martasframes.com/portraits/


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