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I love photography! It is my hobby and my passion. But what I am into the most is a natural, emotive and true photography.

What does that mean for me?

The family home is my dream backdrop, and available and natural light is my lighting setup on your session! Your stories are the most important part of it!

In this family’s natural habitat it is easier to capture what is the most important in life. Show the feel and character unique to our family. These memories have shape, smell, taste and texture. We can see them as different pictures in our memory, different light and colour. Happy gatherings, children playing, teenager in his own world and details that meant so much: teddy, blankie, grandma’s kitchen.

How I wish I could take those pictures from my childhood I hold in my heart and be able to put them on paper and look again…. Remind myself better. Also feel all that again. Moreover, share all that with the loved ones. Show the beauty in ordinary. What is more, show emotions. Personality.

On portrait sessions I look for personality, emotions, feelings.

That is why stopping those moments in a FRAME is what I love! Don’t treat it as a typical photoshoot, or a session. It will be rather a relaxed meet with camera somewhere in between, resulting with beautiful set of your photos!

Let me capture those for you 🙂



I’ve received an Accredited Status in Child Photography Academy!


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National Geographic Your Shot Story Titled “What is Family”