About me

Nice to see you! Let’s meet!


My name in Marta. I believe in doing what’s good for you and what suits your personality.

I am an empathetic observer. Mum of four. And I love taking photos of families as they are, truly, honestly, everyday!

What does that mean to YOU?

…a photographer that would strive to show you being you. Accepting all ups and downs in your typical day. Making your unique “day in life” into a book of your perfect-imperfect life with kids!

 I wish I could take those pictures from my childhood I hold in my heart and be able to put them on paper and look again…. Remind myself better. Also feel all that again. Moreover, share all that with the loved ones. Show the beauty in ordinary. What is more, show emotions. Personality.

That is why stopping those unposed moments in a FRAME is what I love! Don’t treat it as a typical photoshoot, or a session. It will be rather a relaxed meet with camera somewhere in between, resulting with beautiful set of your photos!

Let me capture those for you 🙂




I’ve received an Accredited Status in Child Photography Academy!


Published photos

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National Geographic Your Shot Story Titled “What is Family”