Your photo session is really soon!!

lifestyle photography

I am so excited to capture your family soon! 

My goal is to capture who your family is right now, not to make you do anything stiff or unnatural.

I bet you wonder how to prepare. So here are few hints

  • wear clothes that are simple and comfortable
  • colours can match, but not too much 😉 What I mean is that for example white t-shirs and jeans for everyone is… boring! I aim to photograph you and your family as YOU. So wear what you like. I only ask for neutral colours, or colours from the same palette (you can search Pinterest for inspiration if you want) and also please no big logos and pictures on your clothing. Do not forget about nice hair and make up to go with your clothes.
  • duration of the session depends on which package you have chosen.  But the whole experience is not only taking photos. I take my time to make you get used to my camera, relax, and later have a walk, change location, setting, activity.
  • You don’t have to pose and smile to the camera all the time! Also, do not tell your kids to do so. We will wait or encourage natural smiles and laugh!

I encourage you to make this a fun family experience. Instead of bribing your children with a treat, make this a feel good day. Make plans to go out for dinner or a treat before or after the session as a family. Not as a reward but as part of the overall experience.

Please remember to arrive on time. 

Don’t worry about your kids behaviour, I am a mum myself, and sometimes kids need just a minute or few to settle, feel comfortable. You just need to show up prepared to have fun and relax.

See you soon!




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