Sessions and Prices

Are you a person who feels it’s awkward to pose for a photoshoot? Does it seem lika a stressfull experience, especially when you imagine your sweet babies not-cooperating ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, I feel this! I remember our family studio photoshoot, and how stressful it was for me. I was exhausted by preparing the whole family, trip to a studio, and I was hot, my face was red and all the nice makeup was gone! Eventually it ended ok, but the whole experience was so uncomfortable!

The photography I wish to offer you, comes from what I feel. And I feel genuine moments and true stories are what makes photography timeless.

That’s why I can offer you documentary and lifestyle approach to capturing your Family.

What does that mean? It means you and your family can be yourself in a location of your choice. May it be your Home, or your garden, local park, where we can arrange activities that you usually enjoy!!! It also means I use natural light as my light source, and your favourite place as a “backdrop”, and emotions- your emotions and connection are my subject. The most important people in the session are you.

You and Your Family captured at this point of time, which will never be the same after this second has passed.

The lifestyle sessions are a few hours long and are relaxed and cosy. In your pace. Portrait sessions are a bit shorter, but I always want to add a bit of time space, to make the kids know me, and used to the camera, and to make everyone relaxed).

What are the options to choose from?

Please take your time, and think what would suit your needs.ย 


Lifestyle session in your home:

Please reserve more than 2 hours for this type of session. We want to take our time, capture the real emotions, relaxed situations

family’s natural pace and environment




See example here

and here

see a lifestyle session !



The session is a lifestyle type outdoor session.

What to expect? Some portraits of course, but less formal, lots of laugh, fun, running, wide shots, your favourite activities, picnic, bubbles ๐Ÿ˜€

These sessions take about 2 hours or more.



lifestyle & documentary examples


Portrait session/family portraits (1h):


these can be:

-an outdoor session of a single family,

Portrait session on a special occasion,

Maternity session,

-1st Holly Communion portrait session, etc)



See some portraits in the Black and White gallery

Example of maternity sessionsย *click

*ย  *ย  *


Price list


You have THREE types of sessions to choose from. They differ in the duration time and amount of credit.

For example 1hr session is good for portrait/maternity shoot. While the longer sessions are perfect for lifestyle type shoots.

The session fee contains a CREDIT amount, to use towards your products. You CHOOSE what you get!!

The digital files are always included depending on the product pack you choose (each print + it’s jpg file)ย 



To Book a session, please contact me with your desired date to ensure that I have some availability.